The most important, life-changing thing that we can do for anyone is to introduce them to love and grace of Jesus. It is only through the impact of a relationship with God that real change begins to occur in the life of any person. That’s why we try so hard at Serenity to live out the love that God has shown to us – to really and truly be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Loving our neighbors "Straight Outta Darkness"
Loving our neighbors “Straight Outta Darkness”

We take Christ into a neighborhood that has been long ignored by The Church and bring our presence and attention to our friends and neighbors in practical ways so that they will receive the Spiritual Truth of God. So we feed the hungry, offer refreshment to the thirsty, clothe those that need it, provide a little shelter for some, and visit those who are sick or in jail.

We operate on just a few easy principles:

  1. Worship – (Celebrating) “To love God with all your heart…” (Matt. 22: 36-40)
  2. Ministry – (Caring) “Love your neighbor as yourself…”(Matt. 22: 36-40)
  3. Evangelism – (Cultivating) “Go… and make disciples…” (Matt. 28:18-20)
  4. Discipleship – (Communicating) “Teach them to observe…”(Matt. 28:18-20)