One of our long-term goals is to help our friends become as self-reliant as possible. It’s hard to move through life without identification, birth certificates, or social security cards. To find a job or apply government benefits, documents like these are necessary, but often seem impossible for those who have gone through life mostly without them.

For most of us, having things like a birth certificate, state ID card, or a social security card is something that we take for granted – but for a lot of our friends on The Corner, things like that can seem out of reach. It doesn’t help that the rules surrounding how to get those things can be so complicated.

Click to see what it takes just to apply for a Texas ID.

In today’s world, it’s hard to get adequate medical care, government food or housing assistance, or even a library card without basic identity documents. We try our best to help meet these practical needs our friends have by helping to navigate all of the ins and outs of getting the right documents – in the right order – and helping to connect each person with the services they need most.

If you have experience in navigating and understanding Social Security, benefits like SNAP, WIC, and housing – or you’re willing to learn, we could use your help.

We also help with the simpler things – things like haircuts, clothing for important occasions, and even helping our friends find and reconnect with distant relatives who might not know about their situations.

Practical needs that we don’t provide but would like to soon are:

  • Providing lunches Monday through Friday from 11 AM-1PM
  • Providing access to a shower facility
  • Providing access to a washer and dryer to do laundry.

These things would require a building separate from our current small room. We are looking at options for property and facilities.

In the meantime, some help can be found by visiting The Center, a Kaufman County resource clearing house.