When you are hungry and you have no food, it’s tough to concentrate on anything else – your mind is constantly preoccupied with the physical needs of life. Through our small food pantry and new clothing donations, along with other physical necessities, we try to do our best to meet and manage the immediate physical needs of our friends.

Pop-top cans and items that can be easily eaten without the need for cooking are especially important.

We work to provide tangible evidences of Christ’s compassion.  That includes (but isn’t limited to) running a pantry designed to meet the needs of the homeless, a small clothes closet, as well as providing assistance in getting food stamps and Social Security benefits.

Demonstrating The Kingdom opens to the door to proclaiming The Kingdom.

We always need food to replenish our pantry. The following are some of the items that we provide: canned pasta product with meat, Vienna sausages, Spam, peanut butter crackers, boxed tuna salad and chicken salad snacks, ramen noodles, packaged fruit cups. The canned products must have a pop top lid. So many of friends don’t have kitchens are can openers.

We also keep winter coats on hand. If they have a hoody that’s a plus. Socks and underwear are stored and given as well. We can only accept new clothing at this time. Jesus said when we clothe the naked it’s like clothing Him. Would we give ratty dirty clothes to Christ?

If you would like to help by supplying food, new clothing, or personal necessities such as soap, shaving supplies, etc., please click here for a list of our most-needed items and how you can help.