I’m thinking this morning of those we miss. At least some of those that I remember. Two have died of drug and alcohol related illnesses, another died of a drug overdose with the needle still in his arm, one died of a heart attack, one was shot in his sleep, and one was shot in the head during a drug deal.

I thought of them and prayed for their loved ones, our Serenity Team, and for me. I even prayed for this list of those who have passed on. I prayed that in our efforts to reveal Heaven on earth that those attempts will lessen the tragedies like those above. I prayed that The Church will find a soft heart that allows us to move in kindness and compassion. I prayed that We become aquatinted with the grief of The Streets. I prayed that We see those on the sidelines through the Eyes of Christ.

I thought of those listed above and prayed for them and I prayed for The Church, our team, and me. Then I prayed for our friends who are still with us. They hang out, pass through our doors, make demands, and ruffle our feathers. They make us laugh and make us cry. They show signs of strength and reveal the evidences of our weaknesses. They are pushed downed but always have a glimmer of Hope. I pray that through Christ we can fan the embers of Hope into Flames.

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’” (Isaiah 6:8).

I look at what we do and I ask in prayer: “Is it making a difference?”

I hear the voices of The Church that watch us doing what we do: “Is it making a difference?”

Then the Lord brings to mind a young man we met in 2016 who was doing drugs (any and all he could) who is now holding a steady job, is married, attending College to go into a ministry, and is active in a ministry internship.

I think of the felon fresh from Prison I met 3 years ago who needed IDs in order to get slotted into the real World. We were able to help with that. We sponsored him to go to a men’s retreat and walked with him as he struggled through past habits and fits of anger to where he is now: back with his wife, holding down a good job, and attending a Church.

I think of another felon in his mid 30’s who spent 9 years in Prison who is out on parole. His family rejected him as they have their own issues. When we met him he was Living in his truck. He was using Meth. He was alone and angry. He is still homeless but he works side jobs and has a desire to stay clean and get on his feet. He attends church regularly and has a intense heart to help others who are homeless. He has a focus to allow God to Work in him.

I think and pray for those who have died. I think and pray for us. I think and pray for The Church. Is it making a difference?

I think and pray for our Street friends and ask “Is it making a difference?”

And the answer: “Yep!”