I saw Jesus today. 

He was lying under some cardboard and torn dirty blankets early this morning. I could see a little bit of a wool cap and the dirty fingers of his left hand sticking out. He slept behind a dumpster last night that sheltered him from the wind.  Homeless.

Later I saw Jesus pushing her shopping cart filled with her empty soda and beer cans on the way to the scrap yard. She shivered as she walked in the freezing temperatures wearing only a thin sweater. Worn out shoes and frayed socks protected her feet. Almost naked.

Around Noon I saw Jesus sitting outside a restaurant on the sidewalk next to his backpack. Head down and worn out from years on the road. People stepped around him avoiding eye contact. Hungry.

I see Jesus everyday. He doesn’t look like the pictures hanging on Sunday School walls. He doesn’t match the tall strong clean appearance that is often presented in Churches. He doesn’t look all that victorious. He looks neglected. He looks needy. He looks desperate and alone.

I see Jesus everyday. Didn’t He say he shows up as “the least of these”? Didn’t He say that when we provide for “the least of these” we are providing for Him? Did He really mean that? Do we really believe what He said?

How can we hope to find Him in our worship services if we ignore Him on our streets? Maybe we have a hard time believing that the King of kings and Lord of lords would be “the least of these”.

I see Jesus everyday. I expect to see Him today. I will look for Him today. I will reach out and serve Him today with maybe some coffee and a donut. Maybe a new coat. I’ll see what He needs and do my best to meet it.

Oh! I see Him now.