The Smell of Heaven

It’s strange how God has decided to reveal His Love to this world. He uses the weakest of of us to show His Strength. He uses the most foolish of us to show His Wisdom. He pours out His True Riches on the poorest of us. And yet we preach that that the strongest, wisest, and richest of us are the most blessed by Him.

God constantly tells us in scripture that he leans closer to hear the prayers of the broken, downcast, and the ignored. His Heart reaches out in Compassion to the hungry, the thirsty, the sick, the incarcerated, and the poor. And yet these are the very ones too many avoid and overlook.

It’s refreshing when someone on the inside steps not only outside but goes all the way out to the margins and experiences the joy of community without barriers. It’s exciting to find freedom from the chains of judgement and condemnation. It’s exhilarating to find kinship outside boundaries of self made enclosures.

This week two young women taught me that Christ’s love is revealed in the most unexpected ways. They showed that the biggest impact can and often does come from the quietest and simplest means. 

Kennedy sponsored a food drive at her high school so the hungry and homeless could eat. But more importantly she showed that someone truly cares for those that most could care less about. Chloe baked homemade cookies for men and women that have not eaten cookies made with Love in years.

I am proud and in awe of these two teens who in sincere innocence show the expansive acceptance of the Kingdom of Heaven to the downcast and the ignored. I am proud of the women they have chosen to become showing simple Love without boundaries showing kinship to those on the edges of the community. 

Sometimes the fragrance of Heaven is the aroma of homemade peanut butter cookies. And I imagine our Father gathers the angels and says, “Smell that? That’s what Love smells like.”


Don is the pastor of Serenity Corner. He has been married for 38 years to Elaine Ledbetter, is the father of six children, grandfather to 17 grandchildren, close friend of a few, friendly to most, and tolerant toward a couple of old sore heads. Received an acceptable education from Carson Newman College and University of Tennessee Knoxville. The most memorable education has been from making mistakes.