Where Would Jesus Be?

A friend of mine tagged me on Facebook on this post. It was written by Rene Cobb Cornette from Harlan, Kentucky. It is spot on. “Where would Jesus be?” she asks and then answers.

Let’s talk about where Jesus would be at in Harlan if he were walking this earth today.

He’d be at the BP and commissary ministering to the people wandering around downtown trying to get their next fix.

He’d be at the carnival in the midst of all the cigarette smokers, with the loud, worldly music playing, ministering to those who are lost.

He’d be under the bridges with the people who’ve lost everything to their drug/alcohol abuse and now have nowhere else to go.

He’d be walking up and down 119 ministering to the women who have resorted to selling their bodies to support their habit. I imagine He would be standing right along side them never giving a second thought to who might be passing by and see Him.

Jesus would be everywhere in Harlan where good, going Christian church folk are scared of being caught. He wouldn’t care about His reputation because like the good Shepherd He is, He wouldn’t stop going after the 1 till they were back home. He’d care about bringing the dead back to life, the addict back to sober and the forsaken back to forgiven.

We talk so much about revival coming to Harlan and this is the thing. Revival in Harlan doesn’t look like a bunch of church people shouting and amening for a few nights in a row. Revival is going to the highway and the hedges. Revival is my four and no more attitudes abandoned. Revival is seeing the lost saved. Revival is repentance. Revival is transformation. Revival is you and it’s me losing our stinky attitudes to those who aren’t living the way we think they should and instead having a heart to see them saved and actually doing something about it. Revival starts with us. What are we doing?

Lord, help us.

Jesus is walking the earth today…in me and in all who claim to follow him.


Don is the pastor of Serenity Corner. He has been married for 38 years to Elaine Ledbetter, is the father of six children, grandfather to 17 grandchildren, close friend of a few, friendly to most, and tolerant toward a couple of old sore heads. Received an acceptable education from Carson Newman College and University of Tennessee Knoxville. The most memorable education has been from making mistakes.